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Special Summer Worship Schedule:

Saturdays at 5:15 @ Crossroads Underground (click here to learn more about Underground)

Sundays at 10am

Sunday August 13 - Life as Sacrament: Silence

Every day we are bombarded by endless streams of noise. Traffic, other voices, the mechanical background noise of 21st century life, and our own personal endless playlists make up the soundtracks of our lives. Sometimes it is overwhelming. How can we find some moments of silence?

This week we take a look at the importance of silence in our hectic lives. Brief periods of silence can have a powerful positive impact on our moods, our abilities to solve problems and to deal with the complexities of our lives. They allow us to listen for our own inner voices speaking softly with the deep wisdom each of us carries inside. Ancient traditions teach that in the stillness, and silence we can hear the whisper of God, always present but too often drowned out by the internal and external noise of our human experience.

This weekend we will learn how we can easily engage in this practice of holy silence to help us bring greater peace and order to our lives.

Don't miss this unique worship experience. Stick around for coffee and great conversation!

Saturday 5:30 pm - Crossroads Underground
Sunday 10:00 am - Sunday Worship


Mini Retreat at Holy Cross Abbey (for Sunday afternoon) has been rescheduled for the Fall


Crossroads Kids for infants - 5th grade Sunday mornings @ 10am (summer schedule)


Crossroads Students Intersect

Middle and High School will start in the sanctuary before leaving to gather at 10am in the Discipleship Room during the summer.


Live Stream

Live Stream is offered at our 10am Sunday service from July 1 through September 3. When you are unable to attend in person on Sunday morning, you can watch a live worship service from your own electronic device.