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followHim Small Groups


followHim, our newest small group program is designed to foster conversation about each individual's personal journey, each person's story in their walk with Jesus. Using a simple method for the conversation, each month participants receive a statement from scripture where Jesus calls us to something—perhaps turn the other cheek or give to all who ask of you. The statement will include some background on it and some suggested questions for discussion. Then the group meets to discuss how they each individually are trying to follow this call from Jesus. Some groups meet for prayer and a meal along with the conversation; others just for the conversation.

followHim groups meet monthly, twice a month, or as often as the group decides. For information contact Kurt Aschermann or complete the interest form below to join a followHim group.


Click here to see a guide for followHim Groups


Monthly followHim Scriptures and Psalms:


February 2017 Scriptures

February 2017 Psalms


March 2017 Scriptures and Psalms


April 2017 Scriptures and Psalms





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